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3rd September 2002

I left my blog in the office!! Shoots. I can't remember what I wrote so I'm not going to touch on the topics I typed in the office.

Work sucks! hahaha!! Getting into the busy gear again. Client FINALLY approved the project and now have to prepare for a live production of the website. Sighhhhh I just knew it! Client wants more things again... If you have a project and your client keeps adding and adding, will you ever finish??

Yay!! www.sakuraarchives.com has some cool mp3s!! I love that site! It's the ultimate Sakura Wars site I know!

I feel like a sucker too. Yesterday got pulled into this seminar which promises wealth and stuff. Worse thing is, I got pulled in by Lois! As usual, full of promises but after the excitement died down and I started thinking again I'm very skeptical. What am I saying? I am a SUCKER. I'd bet I buy almost anything from you if you can sweet talk. Siggghhhhh..... sucker! sucker! sucker!!

Now tell me... how can a sucker sell things?

I'm just too darn nice/naive.

20th August 2002

Itís Yu Sanís birthday! Happy Birthday Yu San!

Looks aroundÖÖnow where I put her pressieÖÖ.??

*looks at Jeanís Ďsupposedí BMW* NahÖ. Iíll keep that to myself.

20th August 2002

This is yesterdayís blog

Whoops! Itís been a long while since I last blogged. HehehÖ got kinda lazy to go online at home nowadays.

Come to think of it, Iím becoming more and more of a recluse than before. Soon Iíll become a hermit. Whatís worse? WellÖ. I kinda donít mind. After work I go home and then I immerse myself in the fantasy world of anime and PS2. Before you know it, itís time to sleep.

Even during the weekends I feel tired. Want to sleep for a long time. However, when I do sleep for a long time, I find that I have less time to do stuff. But if I do things I have less sleeping time. Hahah

Sunday as usual is badminton day. Even with it postponed to 9am instead of 7am I am still not sleeping as much as I wish for. Oh wellÖ. I have to make time to exercise. If I donít play badminton, itís going to be difficult to start exercising again. But yesterday, I really crashed. Maybe it was because of the lack of REM, but I was so tired and disorientated after an hour of badminton. Not to mention the amount of water I drank throughout the day. I probably out drank a camel.

Had lunch with Hani+Tariq and San+Tan. San was worried that I would feel left out being the odd one out. Even Tariq asked if I was ďaloneĒ. I wouldnít mind unless I got kicked to one side while they immersed in a world of their own. That didnít happen so thatís good. However, hereís the next question: was I interrupting anything? Being a lamp post may be quite irritating. Sorry if I did.

My carís in the hospital getting itís arse fixed. Hahahah!! My brother was going over a speed bump when a kancil crashed into him. Being a kancil it suffered MORE damage than my car. Ha! Serves him right! Till I get my car back wonít be able to do any shopping nor self-transportation. I prefer to drive than to be driven I guess. Then I donít have to worry about bothering anyone. SighÖ I hope I get a car(or get back BDC 9001) when I move to Shah Alam.

Workís slowing down quite a bit. Not much immediate work due at the moment. Doing some coding for a project that is under review, but thatís not too important. In other words, Iím letting myself get lazy. But then last week had to go to Chow Yang and SS24 to see a clientís event quite recently. Wouldnít have minded if it was at night! Luckily left before they really got into the karaoke session.

Note: I will NOT have a karaoke session at ANY of my functions.

My opinions to the pervy Yu San topic: Being naÔve in Wendyís case is very surprising. How old is she? Where was she brought up? In towns and cities, I find it impossible that topics like sex are not brought up(mostly joked about) in her presence. Look, even 8 year olds are starting to talk about breasts and love saying f*** everywhere they go.

Although I do understand reluctance to discuss the topic in the open. Especially in a serious discussion. Heck I turn totally pink if you try to openly discuss things like this to me.

However, do not take anything at face value. MAYBE Winnie is pretending to be the innocent little girl. Some things are easily hidden.

More of my own opinions. Honesty is good but diplomacy may be necessary. I feel that some things are better not said at all. Even though it may be true. Unlike Yu San, not everyone would be able to talk to plainly and straight to the point. And of course not everyone likes the way I run around the bush before I get to the point. Thatís something Iím doing unconsciously due to my train to thought. Iím trying to break thatÖ.if I remember of course. Anyway I guess itís just a case of adapting to different people. Better you adjust than they adjust. Safer that way

On the gaming front:
Iím playing Warcraft 3 on my pc and Shadow Hearts on PS2. Finished Metal Gear Solid 2 already.

MGS2: I may not be the most patient espionage agent there is, so I got caught a lot. However, the ending of the game is not nice at all. Is that a proper ending at all? Bleh!! Canít really rant about it because Cindy has yet to play it.

Yu San is now into Warcraft 3. HahahÖ so instead of playing CS, itís now play warcraft 3. Iím not really good at it yet. Need to micromanage better. Not to mention I probably play the game about 2 times a week only. For now, all I know how to use are humans. I am familiar with most of the undead, but then Iím not too sure how to use them to the best of their abilities. But something I learnt, you canít have a single type of unit in only in your army (eg. Knights, knights and more knights)